Sabtu, 29 November 2008

Green Green Grass of Home Tiga Juhar


Before telling you all about my hometown Tiga Juhar, I wanna tell you about my long feeling to Tiga Juhar. Everynight, when Iam in my bedtime, I turn the music on, and I clik the 'GREEN GREEN grass', bring me home. I long for my hometown. Wherever i go faraway, I love my home land very much. I know, I am not standing there seeing my homeland growing but I have strong feelings that Tiga Juhar will be a great placee to visit.
Telling you the truth about Tiga Juhar, not much I can tell you about its place but something that make me proud is the " Pemandian Air Panas Danau Linting" The Hot water of Lake Linting" that I have spent my childhood over there. By this letter, I wanna tell you and the Goverment to pay attention to this place as one of the Tourism Destiny. I believe that someday we can make it. As Barrack Obama said that, YES, WE CAN. I truly belief that YES, WE CAN build our homeland as one of the best place in the world. The accesibility to this place need to be repaired and need the truly attention from our goverment because the road along the way, really really terible. Hehe..., I am not scary you, but I just wanna tell you the truth but when you arrived to the top of the hill all is payed up, you will find the great scenery, good panorama around the Danau Linting. Its surrounded by mountains, bukit barisan mountain.
Since iam orriginally from Tiga Juhar, I love this place so much. While I work in another province it doesnt make my feeling fading away.

Thats all you guy, I can tell you about Tiga Juhar. I cant wait to see your letter any longer.

Mejuah-juah kita kerina...

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